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Q: What is Photocloth?

A: Photocloth is a proprietary fabric printed using our exclusive process to produce graphics that can be laminated into a surfboard. We use UV resistant inks and when properly applied to the surfboard it produces a vibrant, durable, fully ride-able piece of personal art.

Q: How is Photocloth different from rice-paper decals or other printed fabrics?

A: Photocloth offers more color, detail and durability than traditional rice-paper decals. It is also more fade resistant and detailed than fabrics using dye sublimation processes. We do offer rice-paper, if that's what you need for your project.

Q: Can Photocloth be applied to an already-glassed board?

A: Photocloth is applied during the glassing process. It is not a sticker or surface decal.

Q: Will Photocloth work on epoxy boards as well as foam boards?

A: If applied properly using our instructions, you should not have any problem using Photocloth on epoxy boards.

Q: I'm building a board now. How do I get some Photocloth for it?

A: If you already have an un-glassed blank, we can print Photocloth from

• one of our pre-designed boards

• a file you design (see Photocloth Set Up Instructions PDF)

• a pre-existing graphic

• or we can design a graphic just for you. In the latter two cases, we require the dimensions of the board as directed in the file set up.

Q: What if I just want you to build the entire board?

A: We have a number of prepared boards to choose from. You can also contact us about custom building a board for you using one of our prepared templates.

Q: What if I have a photograph or painting I want to put on my board?

A: If it is not already a digital file, the image must be scanned to a usable size for printing. Call us for pricing info and we'll assist you through the process.

Q: How much does this cost?

A: Pricing will vary depending on what you want. You may want an entire board designed and built by us or you may just want to get some logos printed on Photocloth for your own use. Give us a call or email and we can work out the details and pricing for your project.

Q: How long does it take?

A: If we are simply printing the cloth, one or two days. The completion of a surfboard will take longer. Call us to discuss your turnaround needs.

Q: Will Photocloth de-lam from the board?

A: Photocloth is sandwiched between hot layers of resin. Correctly applied, you should have no problem with the cloth lifting from the board.

Q: How much weight will Photocloth add to my board?

A: This will depend on the size of the graphic and how the glasser chooses to apply the cloth.  A 10'0 surfboard with Photocloth only adds about four ounces. It's very light. The difference should be negligible and Photocloth will, if anything, add to the durability of the board.

Q: Can I just send you some pictures and have you take care of the design?

A: Yes. Just give us a call and we can determine your needs and give you a quote.

Q: Can I sign or paint on the cloth after printing?

A: You should check with your glasser on the type of pens or ink you should use, but you should not have any problem. Several of our customers are artists who use Photocloth and then apply elements like gold leaf on a one-of-a-kind piece of art.